Pandemia do COVID-19 e as possibilidades de ressignificação das atividades de gestão no ensino superior: relato de experiência


  • Glaucirene Siebra Moura Ferreira Faculdade UNINTA Itapioca
  • Lourdes Claudenia Aguiar Vasconcelos Universidade de Aveiro-PT
  • Francisco Ivanildo Sales Ferreira Faculdade UNINTA
  • Paciolo Montini Costa Oliveira Centro Universitário INTA-UNINTA
  • Paulo Henrique Alexandre de Paula Centro Universitário INTA-UNINTA



Pandemic COVID-19; Higher Education Management; Teaching Learning


Objective: It aims to report the management experience and the possibilities of reinventing academic activities due to the pandemic. To ensure the safety of students and teachers, all face-to-face activities were suspended, following the recommendations of health authorities to maintain social isolation. Method: This is a descriptive study, an experience report, referring to management activities in higher education at a college in the interior of Ceará. The study was carried out during the first semester of 2020. Results: The initial moment was uncertain due to the gloomy scenario that was presented. For the development of academic activities, in the midst of the new pandemic context, it was necessary to follow three steps: 1. Scenario analysis - In the scenario analysis, an understanding of the new reality that was abruptly established that reached the normal development of academic activities scheduled for the 2020.1 semester. 2. Planning - so that, in a crystalline way, we could see the possibilities for a resumption of activities. For this, a virtual technological resource was used for the space for proposing ideas, as well as for defining the necessary points that should be considered in the planning. 3. As advances in the development of remote activities progressed, new demands arose, such as evaluations, internet access, weak connection, emotional aspects, among others, which generated the need to revisit the previous steps, as indicated arrows in opposite directions, to readjust the steps. Conclusion: in the pandemic period, they reveal the possibility of finding new opportunities in carrying out the teaching-learning process. To this end, it is necessary to promote similar initiatives giving an opportunity for the ability to reinvent teachers and students as protagonists in the search for knowledge.


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Biografia do Autor

Glaucirene Siebra Moura Ferreira, Faculdade UNINTA Itapioca

Coordenadora do Curso de Bacharelado em Enfermagem da Faculdade UNINTA Itapipoca

Coordenadora de Estágios da Faculdade UNINTA Itapipoca- 

Doutoranda do Programa de Saúde Coletiva- UECE

Enfermeira- Mestre em Ensino na Saúde -  UECE

Espacialista em Preceptoria no SUS- Sírio Libanês

Especialista em Enfermagem em Nefrologia -UECE

Especialista em Programa Saúde da Família- FACISA

Especialista em Ciências da Educação- Centro Universitário INTA-UNINTA





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Moura Ferreira GS, Vasconcelos LCA, Ferreira FIS, Oliveira PMC, Alexandre de Paula PH. Pandemia do COVID-19 e as possibilidades de ressignificação das atividades de gestão no ensino superior: relato de experiência. Rev. Enferm. Atual In Derme [Internet]. 17º de agosto de 2020 [citado 29º de setembro de 2022];93:e020006. Disponível em: